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Chocolate Yule Log for Christmas


Yule Log is the traditional dessert during Christmas and New Year in France. With fruits, chocolate, chestnuts, coffee or vanilla… Yule Log exists in an infinite variety for every tastes. It makes the original chocolate Yule Log a safe bet, appreciated by all. By the way, a lot spend the year waiting for eating this famous Christmas Yule Log. As a flavour of childhood, family tradition and comforting taste, it allows to end the Christmas meal on a high note. Therefore, the recipe of Yule Log you choose should be the perfect one. In order to delight your guest’s taste buds the night of the Christmas Eve dinner, take our advice and recipes. 

Origin of the Yule Log

You probably know the rolled or frozen version? The Christmas Yule Log is originally made of oak and burns in the heart of the fireplace. The Christmas Yule Log is a custom more than the popular dessert we all know. Indeed, during the evening of Christmas, it was used to burn a big and sacred wood log. The eldest and youngest children of the family were chosen to place it in the fire. So the Yule Log represented the symbol of the family and of transmission. In 1870, this custom inspired a rolled chocolate dessert which looked like a log. In the 50’s, this dessert replaced all the traditional cakes on holiday tables. But how to make this famous chocolate Yule Log? 

Which dark chocolate to choose for your Christmas dessert?

To prepare a succulent chocolate Christmas Yule Log, it is essential to control the main flavour. According to the wanted taste, you’ll choose different chocolates. Indeed, every chocolate has its own properties and winning combinations. For a traditional rolled Christmas Yule Log, dark chocolates with intense taste are self-sufficient. The Guanaja 70%, iconic dark chocolate of Valrhona, is absolutely perfect for any recipe of ganache. If you want to experiment a frozen recipe of Yule Log, this chocolate will also add a great value. Therefore, the dark chocolate Caraïbe 66% of Valrhona would be better for combinations with nuts or caramel. As for it, the dark chocolate Millot 74%, which is rich in cocoa, is perfect with coffee. 

Dare a white chocolate Yule Log

Why not cooking a white chocolate Yule Log for more sweetness? As it does not contain cocoa paste, white chocolate offers a delicious taste of milk. The latter accompanies very well recipes with coconut. You can also associate it with citrus fruits or red berries. For all your white chocolate Yule Log recipes, we recommend you the emblematic white chocolate of Valrhona: Ivoire 35%. As for the other chocolates, you’ll find it on the Shop Online of Valrhona Collection. Thanks to its brilliance and fluidity that make it easy to work for pastries, it will help you do exceptional glazing. Your Yule Log will be dressed in a beautiful white coat reminding the snow landscapes of winter. Your cake will be as beautiful as good! 

Some Christmas Yule Log recipes

Yule Logs are appreciated with white, milk or dark chocolate, so which recipe to choose then? You’re looking for ideas for a Christmas dessert with subtle and original notes? We’ve chosen for you three ideas of Yule Logs both sweet and creative. Let’s start by revisiting the traditional rolled chocolate Yule Log cake. Add cocoa nib to the ganache and candied orange zest to the sponge cake. Thanks to these additional ingredients, your cake will be the high point of your meal. You wish more exotism and warmth at the end of the dinner? Nothing better than a Yule Log with chocolate Dulcey, coffee and tangerines. Unless you prefer end the meal on a fresh note? Try a Christmas Yule Log with a mousse made of white chocolate, lime and a heart of pineapple compote. Find the detailed recipes on our website online. 

The chocolate Christmas Yule Log can be declined in multiple traditional or modern versions. There is no limit to your imagination. So, let your creativity flow to surprise your guests. Tiramisu Yule Log, Black Forest, opera, cookies… do not hesitate to cook your favourite desserts in the Log form. In addition to delight the palate, Yule Logs should also please the eyes. To decorate it, you can use pearls, decorations or chocolate curls. You’ll find all the necessary ingredients on the Shop Online of Valrhona Collection.