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  1. ivoire white 40 by valrhona
  2. ivoire white 40 by valrhona
  3. ivoire white 40 by valrhona
  4. ivoire white 40 by valrhona

Ivoire 35% white chocolate 1kg

Weight: kg
1.00 kg
  • Valrhona white chocolate .
  • Cocoa content: 35%.
  • Perfect for baking or cooking.
  • A chocolate with warm milk & delicate vanilla notes.
  • BCorp Certified company.
  • A chocolate for professionnal chefs, available for home-baking.,


AED 205.00


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  1. Description

  2. Technical information

  3. Product type Molded products
    Chocolate color White
    Minimum cacao percentage 35.00
    Beans origin Mixed Origin

    Valrhona Ivoire 35% white chocolate 1kg

    Discover the Valrhona Ivoire 35% taste: with major taste characteristics of a balanced flavor and minor notes of warm milk. Ivory white chocolate's notes of condensed milk and vanilla recall the sound of children's laughter as they share moments of pure joy together.

    Why we love Ivoire: With Ivoire, Valrhona has stepped outside the traditional world of white chocolate. Ivory's note of sweetness is as light as can be, its color is subtly iridescent and flavor evokes butter. Having gained iconic status, Ivoire has become a byword among culinary professionals for white chocolate.

    Uses well with: Coating, moulding, bars, foams, creamy & ganache’s, ice-creams & sorbets.

    Pairs best with:

    • Tangy fruit.
    • Red berries.

    What our customers are saying: It would be difficult to do without the legendary white chocolate Ivory which is used as the basis for so many preparations. Its profile combines easily with all kinds of fruit - David Briand.

    Only highest qualities products: Ivory white chocolate has a perfect blend of ingredients and provides a warm, milky vanilla profile.

    Featured RecipesPralicoco lollipop, Carrot cake, Raspberry & vanilla tart, Ivoire blackcurrant macarons

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  4. Product information
    Product legal name White chocolate (35% cocoa butter minimum).
    Brand Valrhona
    Conditioning 1 kg bag
    Length 20.00
    Width 18.00
    Height 9.00
    Dimension unit CM
    Date of minimum durability 12 months
    Storage conditions Store Ivoire 35% cocoa White Chocolate beans 1kg in a dry place where temperature is maintained at 16-18°C.
    Name & address of the maker VALRHONA - 26600 Tain l'Hermitage - France
    Nutrition facts
    Energy value 598.00
    Calories 2.49
    Fat 41.00
    Saturated fat 25.00
    Carbohydrates 51.00
    Sugars 51.00
    Proteins 5.70
    Sodium 0.08
    Fiber 0.00
    Ingredients Sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract
    Allergens Milk. Contains: milk; May contain: nuts, soya
    Texture Smooth
    Notes Balanced, Warm milk

Receta Financiero manzana tatin

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