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4 Recipes steps



    Melt ²/³ of the total amount of GUANAJA 70% chocolate (400 g) either in a water bath or in the microwave. Increase the temperature to 50-55°C. When this temperature is reached, add the remaining 1/3 of the chocolate. Mix and blend with a hand blender. Make sure that no air is mixed in.
    Make sure the chocolate reaches a temperature of 31-32°C. The chocolate is now tempered.
    Make sure that the chocolate remains at this temperature throughout the preparation time. If necessary, heat the surface with a hair dryer.
    Immediately pour the hemispherical molds with the tempered chocolate. Leave to crystallize at room temperature for 2 hours. Remove each hemisphere from the mold, then use the bottom of a previously heated saucepan to melt and glue them together.
    Heat the tip of a piping bag fitted with a 10mm nozzle with a hair dryer and then prick each chocolate ball individually for garnishing. Set aside, then fill with praline or coconut ganache (recipes below).


    Melt the GUANAJA 70% chocolate at 50°C and mix with the praline.
    Allow the mixture to cool to 27°C in a water bath filled with cold water while stirring with a spatula.
    Check the temperature regularly with a thermometer.
    Then mix in the coconut flakes.
    Immediately fill the hollow balls with the coconut praline and insert a lollipop stick before it crystallizes.


    70 g coconut pulp
    40 g grated coconut
    35 g acacia honey
    30g Malibu (if desired)
    315g IVOIRE chocolate 35%

    Heat the coconut pulp with the honey.
    Pour the hot mixture in three stages over the previously melted IVOIRE 35% chocolate .
    Mix vigorously with a spatula to create an emulsion. The texture must be maintained until the end of the mixing process.
    Blend with a hand blender, then add the coconut flakes. Once the ganache has reached about 35°C, add Malibu Coco®.
    When the temperature has dropped back to 27-28 °C, fill the hollow balls immediately using a piping bag. Insert a lollipop stick before the ganache crystallizes.

4 Placement

    Temper 200 g of GUANAJA 70% chocolate using the seeding method (use the same technique as for making the hollow balls) and cover the balls filled with praline or ganache, holding the balls by the lollipop sticks.
    Cover the entire surface with coconut flakes before crystallizing the chocolate.


This recipe can also be made into a filled tablet using a different shape. Make sure that you keep to the specified temperatures, because the success of the recipe depends on it!

Pralicoco lollipop