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  1. guanaja dark 70 by valrhona
  2. guanaja dark 70 by valrhona
  3. guanaja dark 70 by valrhona
  4. guanaja dark 70 by valrhona

Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate 1kg

Weight: kg
1.00 kg
  • 70% cocoa dark chocolate.
  • Complex blend of aromatic beans typical of Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ghana, Ivory Coast & Madagascar.
  • Guanaja 70% dark chocolate develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes.
  • Finest dark chocolate.
  • Perfect for baking or cooking.


AED 205.00


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  1. Description

  2. Technical information

  3. Product type Molded products
    Chocolate color Dark
    Minimum cacao percentage 70.00
    Beans origin Mixed Origin

    Valrhona Guanaja 70% cocoa Dark Chocolate 1kg

    Guanaja 70% dark chocolate is a blend of cocoa beans from Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Madagascar.

    Discover the Guanaja taste:

    • Major characteristic: balanced.
    • Minor note: roasted.
    • Exceptional note: bitterness.

    Discover Guanaja's forceful tanginess and its comforting notes of bitter cocoa nibs call and respond like the warm instruments intermingling with celebratory song of a percussion section.

    Top Tips: In 1986, Valrhona created the world's bitterest chocolate using 70% cocoa. This heightened cocoa content required a complete rethink of how things were done. This is when we started to select cocoas with absolute precision, because with such a low proportion of sugar there was nothing to mask imperfections. Guanaja immediately revolutionized the market and became a benchmark product. Its name, Guanaja, is a nod to the first cocoa beans given to Christopher Columbus when he washed up on the Caribbean island of Guanaja on July 30, 1502. Guanaja is best for using: This 1kg feve bag of cooking chocolate is the perfect bag for all your cooking and baking creations.

    Guanaja pairs best with:

    • Hazelnuts: Chocolate and hazelnuts often work well together, enriching the flavor palette with toasted nuances and sometimes even adding a crunchy texture.
    • Orange: with its tangy notes that blend beautifully with chocolate. Traditional, timeless candied orange peel coated in dark chocolate is just one iteration of this tasty combination.
    • Apricot: Apricot’s fruity flavor and dark chocolate’s slightly bitter taste form a very delicate balance.
    • Tea: There is the perfect tea for every chocolate.
    • Mint: Mint, with its freshness is combined with a deep dark chocolate to create something special.
    • Ginger: Dark chocolate’s bitterness contrasts deliciously with the sweet heat of ginger.
    • Chili: Ever since the days of the Mayan empire, chili has paired surprisingly well with bitter chocolate.

    What our customers have to say: For almost a century, we have been pushing the boundaries to create a fair and sustainable cocoa sector and to inspire creative and responsible gastronomy.

    Our promise to be better: Always at the side of Chefs, Valrhona supports artisans and accompanies them in their quest for uniqueness by constantly pushing the limits of creativity.

    Featured in recipes: Caramel brownie, Pralicoco lollipops, Brioche with a melt-in-the-middle Guanaja core, chocolate ice-cream magnum

  4. Product information
    Product legal name Dark chocolate couverture (70% cocoa minimum,pure cocoa butter).
    Brand Valrhona
    Conditioning 1 kg bag
    Length 20.00
    Width 18.00
    Height 9.00
    Dimension unit CM
    Date of minimum durability 14 months
    Storage conditions Store Guanaja 70% cocoa Dark Chocolate beans 1kg in a dry place where temperature is maintained at 16-18°C.
    Name & address of the maker VALRHONA - 26600 Tain l'Hermitage - France
    Nutrition facts
    Energy value 569.00
    Calories 2.36
    Fat 42.00
    Saturated fat 25.00
    Carbohydrates 34.00
    Sugars 30.00
    Proteins 8.60
    Sodium 0.00
    Fiber 13.00
    Ingredients Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural vanilla extract.
    Allergens Milk (Made in a facility that uses milk). .This product may contain: soy, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios.
    Texture Smooth

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