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Christmas menu: ideas 100% chocolate


This year, have originality! Oysters and salmon, poultry, Yule log… You’ve had enough of offering your guests the same Christmas menu every year. You can’t eat the same dishes over and over again anymore. Some novelty would be welcome for Christmas. What if you cooked an exceptional all-chocolate Christmas dinner? Although chocolate is famous in desserts or sweets, it also matches well savoury recipes. Still not convinced? We give you ideas and tips to concoct a Christmas dinner menu you’ll remember for a long time. 

Christmas menu with a subtle touch of chocolate

Christmas is the perfect occasion for making your guests discover new tastes. However, this meal is important and should please everyone. By choosing an all-chocolate Christmas menu, you’re sure to delight lovers of both originality and food. Indeed, you can bring little touch of chocolate in every step of your menu. For example, it can be added to the traditional Christmas dinner dishes. Such a good idea, especially as chocolate will enhance their taste. But how to do it? 

Classic dishes

The combination of chocolate and salmon, foie gras or scallops is possible. For example, make a vinaigrette sauce with cocoa and ginger that will go well with your starter of salmon gravlax. Cocoa not only brings intensity to your vinaigrette but also an original flavour. We advise you to use the Valrhona’s cocoa powder because it is sugar free and has an intense taste. You can find it in the Shop Online of Valrhona Collection. You could also dust your foie gras with it. By adding it a jot of Espelette pepper, it will lift your traditional starter. You’re afraid of unsettling your guests? You can just bring a touch of chocolate with a gingerbread or cocoa blinis. 

A Mexican dish with chocolate

You wish more exotism for your Christmas menu? We suggest you to go to Mexico. Indeed, chocolate is the main ingredient of many Mexican recipes, especially the Mole Poblano. This sauce usually coats turkey and includes chili peppers, spices and chocolate. Hard to remain insensitive to this dish served during Mexican celebrations. Note that the UNESCO has registered it in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Mole Poblano is the perfect alternative to the traditional Christmas turkey. To make this recipe, purists would recommend you to choose dark chocolate 70% cocoa, slightly bitter. In this case, opt for the Guanaja 70% cocoa from Valrhona Collection. The Valrhona’s chocolate Caraïbe 66% cocoa with sweet spiced notes would also be perfect. 

Elegant dishes for chocolate-flavoured Christmas meals

If you’re offering your guests an original Christmas menu around chocolate, you might as well surprise them. To do so, try unique combinations worthy of master chefs. Prepare a sauce with white chocolate and lemon to accompany a fish or seafood dish. It will definitely amaze your guests. The chocolate Valrhona Ivoire delicately sugared with slight notes of vanilla will go perfectly with this unique blend. White chocolate can also replace butter or cream while cooking a purée. Add it when you’re mashing potatoes, celery or parsnip. You’ll have a very original sweet and savoury dish. 

Christmas menu: a selection of recipes

You have understood that there are a lot of ideas for a Christmas dinner menu 100% chocolate. However, how to make a choice? Here is our suggestion for an all-chocolate Christmas menu. At first, offer a chocolate cocktail in the Jamaican style with rum and vanilla. It could be served with little balls of foie gras covered with cocoa. Then, prepare jumbo shrimps coated with cocoa nib for the starter. This ingredient is delivery available in the Shop Online of Valrhona Collection. To continue our culinary discovery, cook a fillet of duck breast with a Mole Poblano sauce. Then suggest your guests a funny activity about cheese and chocolate tasting. To finish this festive menu, let yourself tempted by a chocolate-vanilla cream puff. And if your party ends late, think about offering liquor, chocolate-based of course!  

You’ve discovered many Christmas dinner ideas 100% cocoa. From starter to dessert, chocolate will whet all your guest’s appetite. Do not hesitate anymore for your 2022 Christmas menu. If you are not a good cook and travel to France, feel free to visit ‘La Cité du Chocolat’. In the Comptoir Porcelana, you could taste different menus with chocolate prepared by a chef. 

You still feel not ready to take the plunge? In this case, you can simply end the meal with a note of chocolate. Truffles, papillotes, Christmas treats… Those candies are a delight for both young and old. Find a wide selection of Christmas chocolates on the Shop Online of Valrhona Collection