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Inspiration Raspberry, Yuzu, Strawberry, Passion: What Recipes to Make?


Cooking fruit like chocolate, that's the promise of Valrhona's fruit couvertures, Inspiration. Making desserts and ganaches with an intense fruit flavor is now possible thanks to Inspiration Raspberry, Yuzu, Strawberry, or Passion. What do Valrhona's Inspiration products contain? Simply cocoa butter and freeze-dried fruit powder. No coloring, no flavorings.

But how do you use them in your cakes and pastries at home? If you're looking for recipe ideas with Valrhona's Inspiration Raspberry, Strawberry, Passion, or Yuzu, you're in the right place!

Where can I buy Inspiration Valrhona?

The four products from the Inspiration range are available on the Valrhona Collection online shop. Place your order to bake at home with chef-grade ingredients!

Recipes with Inspiration Raspberry

Berry pavlova

This dessert is perfect for berry lovers. A fresh, indulgent dessert with varied textures. It consists of several preparations. First, a pressed meringue with Inspiration Raspberry and almond-hazelnut praline. Add a frozen mousse with Inspiration Raspberry. Glaze everything with the fruit couverture. Finally, place a dome of meringue on top. As a final touch, pour raspberry coulis and fresh berries over it.

See the recipe details.

Raspberry vanilla tart

This raspberry vanilla tart has only 4 steps and will please all gourmets! Make an almond shortcrust pastry. Crush it with crêpe dentelle and Inspiration Raspberry to get a raspberry pressed shortbread. Make a raspberry confit that you mold into half-spheres. Prepare a whipped ganache with Ivoire and Madagascar vanilla. All that's left is to assemble everything!

See the recipe details.

Recipe with Inspiration Yuzu

Tropézienne is a specialty from the South of France (Saint-Tropez), specifically a brioche filled with a mixture of buttercream and pastry cream. Discover a fruity twist with Valrhona's Inspiration Yuzu: the Saint Trop' Vanilla Yuzu. Make a brioche dough, a yuzu cream, and a whipped ganache with Ivoire white chocolate and vanilla. Assemble everything to create an irresistibly delicious dessert.

See the recipe details.

Recipes with Inspiration Passion

Cococuja individual entremets

Are you a fan of exotic flavors in your desserts? We recommend Valrhona's Inspiration Passion. Our favorite recipe for this product? It's Cococuja, an individual entremets combining the tangy notes of Inspiration Passion with Valrhona's Jivara 40% milk chocolate.

Start by making an almond shortcrust pastry, then freeze a Jivara 40% Namelaka insert. Make a mousse with Inspiration Passion. Pour it into molds with the inserts, then freeze everything. Glaze and decorate with coconut shavings.

See the recipe details.

Crispy bites snack with Inspiration Passion

Looking for a simple and delicious snack recipe? Try Crispy Choc Bites. Delicious bites of puffed rice, puffed quinoa, and dried papaya cubes coated with Inspiration Passion. This recipe can also be made with chocolate milk or dark chocolate. A must-try!

See the recipe details.

Entremets with Inspiration Passion

Make a shareable entremets for Easter or any other occasion. This entremets consists of the following preparations:

  • Chocolate shell.
  • Gluten-free almond biscuit.
  • Jivara whipped ganache.
  • Passion Inspiration cream.
  • Cocoa streusel and fleur de sel.

See the recipe details.

Recipes with Inspiration Strawberry

Strawberry and Ivoire Tartlet

Want to try a simple recipe with Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry? Start with the Strawberry and Ivoire tartlet. A recipe with only 3 steps that will surely please your loved ones. Start with the almond shortcrust pastry, it's the base of your tartlet. Continue with the Ivoire white chocolate and vanilla Namelaka, which you pour into half-sphere molds. Finish with the whipped ganache, Inspiration Strawberry. All that's left is to assemble everything!

See the recipe details.

Roc Azélia with Inspiration Strawberry

For fans of the jammy notes of strawberry in Inspiration Strawberry, here's another recipe idea: Roc Azélia. A beautiful plated dessert to prepare, for example, for Mother's Day or for the holidays. An opportunity to try out the Azélia 35% milk chocolate, with its hazelnut notes.

See the recipe details.

Have you found inspiration to get cooking? Before you start a preparation, here are some basic information and techniques for pastry using the Inspiration range. It's important, for example, to learn how to melt Inspiration feves.