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  1. norohy vanilla beans by norohy
  2. norohy vanilla beans by norohy
  3. norohy vanilla beans by norohy
  4. norohy vanilla beans by norohy

Tube of 3 Madagascar Organic Vanilla Beans Norohy

Weight: g
10.00 g
  • 3 Organic black non-split Madagascar vanilla bean.
  • Product made of organic farming techniques.
  • 16 to 23cm bean.
  • A great natural ingredients to embelish all your recipes.
  • Norohy, the Chef's vanilla.


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  1. Description

  2. Technical information

  3. Origin country Madagascar

    NOROHY Tube of 3 Madagascar Organic Vanilla Beans

    The Norohy vanilla bean is of single origin from Madagascar.

    Discover the Norohy Vanilla taste: The beans' aroma is sweet and floral, with powerful cocoa notes.

    Why we love this product: Organic. Processing Method: Traditional – By hand – cultivated. Norohy's Madagascar Organic Vanilla Bean, is hand-pollinated using techniques passed down through the ages. These green vanilla beans from eastern Madagascar’s Maroantsetra and Mananara regions are cultivated by an organic planters association.

    Best for use: Ice creams & sorbets, Mousse - Cream mix & Ganache.

    Pairs perfect with:

    • Chocolate.
    • Ice-cream.
    • Coffee.
    • Nuts.
    • Caramel.
    • Fruits.
    • Pastries.

    Our promise: This organic vanilla is produced by planter associations in the Maroansetra and Mananara regions of Madagascar. The vanilla plants have been grown in line with Organic EU and USDA (NOP) Regulations. Black non-split vanilla is very oily, plump and flexible. Norohy is a combination of “Noro” (meaning “light” in Madagascan) and “Rohy” (“bond”), a name that perfectly encapsulates our mission. To shine a spotlight on the people who grow vanilla and create a link between planters and chefs so that we can show off this exceptional ingredient at its best. Everything that goes into our Madagascan range is certified organic.

    Featured Recipes: Home-made Vanilla Ice-cream, Vanilla Yuzu Saint Tropez, Christmas sponge roll with vanilla cream, Vanilla Panna cotta with pineapple compote

  4. Product information
    Product legal name 3 ORGANIC BLACK NON-SPLIT VANILLA BEANS - Country of production: Madagascar - Botanical name: Vanilla Planifolia.
    Brand Norohy
    Conditioning Unit
    Length 2.80
    Width 2.80
    Height 21.20
    Dimension unit CM
    Date of minimum durability 12 months
    Storage conditions Store NOROHY Tube of 3 Madagascar Organic Vanilla Beans in a dry place where temperature is maintained at 16-18°C.
    Nutrition facts
    Energy value 203.00
    Calories 844.00
    Fat 5.90
    Saturated fat 1.79
    Carbohydrates 47.50
    Sugars 11.10
    Proteins 3.10
    Sodium 0.00
    Fiber 26.00
    Ingredients Ingredients: vanilla* 100%.
    Allergens No allergen declared on this product (respecting the REGULATION (EU) No 1169/2011)... (*) Product from Organic Farming.

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