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World Chocolate day

Can you imagine a day to celebrate chocolate? Every year on July 7th World Chocolate Day allows chocolate lovers around the world to indulge in their favorite treat without feeling any real guilt.


Although it has already unfortunately passed World Chocolate Day 2022 was celebrated on July 7, next year it will also be celebrated on July 7th as World chocolate day is the same day every year.


First celebrated in 2009, World Chocolate Day marks the “supposed” day that this dessert favorite made its first arrival in Europe in 1550.

Around the world on the 7th of July, candy stores, and local suppliers around the world place their most-loved ranges on sale so that everyone (both young and old), can enjoy the good stuff.

"Let's imagine together the best of chocolate"

Behind Valrhona's know-how which ensures excellence, irreproachable quality and consistency of taste, there is a team of enthusiasts. From production to support services via R&D, they are inventing the chocolate revolution of tomorrow.

We have put together an exclusive range available to order online with a variety of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and the famous Dulcey chocolate.

From baking to bars we have all you need to celebrate this very special occasion


according to an article created by National Today

$10,000 — the price of Swarovski-studded chocolates.

$260 — the price of a 1.76-ounce To’ak chocolate bar.

400 — the number of cacao beans it takes to make one pound of chocolate.

8 — the number of years it took to perfect the recipe for milk chocolate.

90 million — the number of chocolate Easter bunnies manufactured every year.

36 million — the number of heart-shaped chocolate boxes sold every Valentine’s Day.

1847 — the year when British confectioners invented the first chocolate bar.

20% — the percentage of all dark chocolate consumed in the U.S.

1700s — the decade when chocolate milk was created in Jamaica.

22 pounds — the amount of chocolate that would need to be eaten to kill a person.


Eat all of the chocolate, duh!

Its not often that you can celebrate a day just around chocolate, yes there is Valentines Day and Easter and Halloween and Christmas and and and… but come on world chocolate day? How can you not!

Host a chocolate dinner

Get friends and family around to join in the celebrations, theme the dishes around chocolate and throw in some games around chocolate, this will sure to be a night to remember

Create a dish

Browse the many available recipes online to recreate your favorite at home


Chocolate, much like any other present, has an entire culture around its quality, origin, and processing methods. Shop your favorite Valrhona gifts online and fill your shopping cart for same day delivery.

Educate yourself

Read about chocolates from around the world, news from Valrhona Collection and other kids favorites like: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “The Chocolate Touch”, and “Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom”.


Chocolate was once used as a form of currency.

Cacao beans were once used as a form of barter currency back in the Mayan Times.

Chocolate was once believed to be a medicine.

Chocolate milk, then discovered by a Dr. Hans Sloane, was once produced and sold as a medicine in Ireland.

Chocolate were believed to cures cough.

Chocolate contains theobromine which can actually cure a cough better than some cough syrups.

Chocoholics originated from Switzerland.

This may come as no surprise as Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and how much its people consume (about 8.8 kgs of chocolate per year).

Hot Cocoa was the first indulgence.

The first actual enjoyable chocolate product was hot cocoa which was also discovered by the Mayans about 3,000 years ago.