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4 Recipes steps


    115 grams of cream
    15 g acacia honey
    170 g DULCEY chocolate 35%
    310 g cold cream

    Heat 15 g cream with the honey. Pour 1/3 of this warm mixture over the previously melted DULCEY 35% chocolate , stirring continuously with the spatula.
    Add the second third and do the same. Do the same with the last third. Blend using an immersion blender to complete the emulsion
    Add 10 g of cold cream and mix again. Cover with cling film and leave to crystallize overnight in the fridge.


    225 g ORGANIC tangerines
    15g unsalted butter
    15 g brown sugar
    30 grams of sugar
    30 g of acacia honey
    3 grams of cornstarch
    60 grams of water

    Wash and scrub the tangerines. Boil in plenty of water for 30 minutes to reduce bitterness. Drain the tangerines and chop roughly, making sure to remove the stalks.
    Sauté in the butter and brown sugar over low heat. Let caramelize, then add the sugar and honey and cover with water. Cook until almost completely evaporated. Cover again with water and let it boil down again.
    Finely chop the tangerines, then add the cornstarch previously mixed with 60 g of water. Cook for a few minutes, stirring vigorously to prevent a floury texture.
    Keep the whole thing in the fridge overnight. Blend with a hand blender before using.


    200 grams of espresso
    25 grams of sugar

    Add the coffee and the sugar.
    Mix well and then store in the fridge.


When the biscuit comes out of the oven, cover with parchment paper and place a mat over it to hold it in place. This keeps the biscuit base juicy and soft.

    40 grams of egg yolk
    105 grams of eggs
    85 grams of sugar
    65 grams of protein
    25 grams of sugar
    55g flour T550

    Beat the egg yolks, eggs and 85 g sugar in a mixer until the mixture turns white. Beat the egg whites and the remaining 25 g sugar with a mixer until stiff.
    Using a spatula, mix the beaten egg whites into the first mixture and fold in the sifted flour. Mix again.
    Spread 360 g sponge cake on a 30 × 40 cm baking tray and bake for 5-6 minutes at 230 °C.


Cut the biscuit base into three 10 × 27 cm wide strips. Soak a strip in coffee syrup and then spread 150g of mandarine confit on top. Put the whole thing in the freezer for 1 hour. Whip 120g of DULCEY 35% ganache with a mixer on medium speed until it has the texture of fluffy whipped cream. Spread the fluffy ganache cream over the confit, then freeze for 30 minutes. Place a second strip of sponge cake on top of the foamy DULCEY 35% ganache cream , saturate with coffee syrup and spread another 150 g of mandarine confit on top. Place the last
strip of biscuit soaked in coffee syrup on top. The rest of the foamy ganache cream DULCEY 35%whip until the texture is elastic and can be processed with a piping bag. Using a piping bag with a 16mm nozzle, apply nice drops over the entire surface of the last sponge cake. Using a ball-point cutter dipped in hot water, cut out a few drops of the fluffy ganache cream here and there. Fill in the indentations with tangerine confit. Freeze the whole thing for at least 3 hours. After removing the cream roll from the freezer, trim the sides cleanly with a hot kitchen knife. The finished cream roll has the following dimensions: 8 × 24 cm