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    1. 3 Results

    1. 3 Results


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      1. Valrhona 2022 Christmas Advent Calendar
      2. Unit
      3. Dark, milk & Dulcey

        Almonds & Hazelnuts

        Chocolate squares

        Fine Praliné chocolate

      4. 108.00AED

      1. Valrhona Christmas Assorted Truffles assortment
      2. Unit
      3. Dark, milk & Dulcey

        12 Truffles

      4. 102.00AED

      1. Valrhona Christmas Treats assortment
      2. Unit
      3. Dark, milk & Dulcey

        Fun molded chocolate

      4. 75.00AED

    Valrhona Christmas Chocolate collection is the December essential to share and gift to the family and friends for the Christmas holidays

    Discover an exclusive limited edition Christmas range of your favorite Valrhona products. Order your Christ

    We invite you to discover our different offers. Browse through our range of chocolates and ingredients for your kitchen and our special products to enjoy or give as gifts. Enjoy the variety of tastes, textures and aromas at interesting prices. White or dark chocolate, milk chocolate or 100% cocoa. Easy to melt and great for desserts. Tasting formats of chocolates made with cocoa from the best producing countries. Everything at fair prices and with respect for quality and people. Let's fight together to create a fairer and more sustainable cocoa industry. Take advantage of our offers to benefit from the best that the world of chocolate has to offer.