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  1. dulcey blond by valrhona
  2. dulcey blond by valrhona
  3. dulcey blond by valrhona
  4. dulcey blond by valrhona

Dulcey Blond Chocolate 35% bar 70g

Weight: g
70.00 g
  • 35% cocoa Dulcey Blond chocolate.
  • With its very subtly salty, mellow biscuit flavour, Dulcey Blond and its caramelized milky tones conjure up our childhoods before our very eyes, stirring up a whirlwind of delicious, uniquely personal memories.
  • Perfect tasting bar to share.


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  1. Description

  2. Technical information

  3. Chocolate color Blond
    Minimum cacao percentage 35.00
    Beans origin Mixed Origin

    Valrhona Dulcey 35% cocoa Blond Chocolate bar 70g

    Discover the Valrhona Dulcey taste:

    • Major characteristic: biscuity.
    • Minor note: a hint of salt.

    Subtly salty with a mellow biscuit flavor, Dulcey and its caramelized milky tones conjure up our childhoods before our very eyes, stirring up a whirlwind of delicious, uniquely personal memories. Why we love Dulcey: With Dulcey, Valrhona invented chocolate's fourth color: Blond. During one of his cookery demonstrations, Frédéric Bau once absent-mindedly left his white chocolate in the bain-marie. He was surprised by the result: the chocolate turned a creamy blond and gave off a delicate aroma of toasted shortbread and caramelized milk. Launched in 2012, Dulcey is an ode to the creativity and audacious spirit which revolutionized the world of pastry-making. The name Dulcey evokes this chocolate's appealing mellowness.

    Dulcey is best used as: Coating, moulding, bars, foams, creamy & ganache’s, ice-creams & sorbets.

    Pairs bets with:

    • Apricot.
    • Banana.
    • Mango.
    • Coffee.
    • Hazelnut.
    • Caramel.

    What our customers have to say: Dulcey is simply magical and incredible, we love it! I think it's the chocolate I use most these days, which says it all. - Christophe Michalak.

    Our promise: Over time, Valrhona’s sourcing team and producers have established special, long-term relationships rooted in trust. 

    Recipes ideasDulcey Tiramisu, Sponge cake with Dulcey, Dulcey Heart.

  4. Product information
    Product legal name White chocolate (35% cocoa butter minimum).
    Brand Valrhona
    Conditioning 70 g bar
    Length 16.00
    Width 6.80
    Height 0.90
    Dimension unit CM
    Date of minimum durability 15 months
    Storage conditions Store Dulcey 35% cocoa Blond Chocolate bar 70g in a dry place where temperature is maintained at 16-18°C.
    Nutrition facts
    Energy value 602.00
    Calories 2.51
    Fat 43.00
    Saturated fat 26.00
    Carbohydrates 45.00
    Sugars 45.00
    Proteins 8.00
    Sodium 0.21
    Fiber 0.50
    Ingredients Ingredients: cocoa butter, sugar, whole MILK powder, dried skimmed MILK, whey (MILK), butter (MILK), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural vanilla extract.
    Allergens Milk. Contains milk.This product may contain: soy, almonds, wheat, hazelnuts, pecans, gluten, pistachios.
    Texture Smooth
    Notes A hint of salt, Biscuity

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