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Valrhona, Let's imagine the best of chocolate

Logo ValRhona

Valrhona, Let's imagine the best of chocolate Valrhona has been working for decades to create a fairer and more sustainable world of cocoa and gastronomy, where ethics and the environment are respected. Building long-term alliances with cocoa producers since 1997 the establishment of the Valrhona Foundation in 2006, and the launch of the Live Long program in 2015 justify this.

Valrhona has been the pioneer and craftsmen of taste and a reference on the market since 1922. Today, it defines itself as a company with a mission that is expressed in a strong commitment: To do good together with good.

Valrhona and its partner producers envision the best in selecting and growing fine cocoa to promote its diversity. The Valrhona professionals travel the world and forge lasting relationships with cocoa farmers to develop new innovations every step of the journey. With the future of the entire industry dependant on the plantation, Valrhona is working at the source with producers for the well-being of local communities and for the sustainable cultivation of tomorrow's cocoa.

Valrhona 2 men

Valrhona's employees imagine the best in chocolate creation, pushing the boundaries of creativity with an ever-growing aromatic palette to invent the next revolution in the world of chocolate. Toppings, pralines, decorations, chocolate tastings...

The Valrhona range opens up new horizons for artisans of good taste who can rely on constant quality and taste, with a responsible partner committed to the environment and more sustainable gastronomy.

Valrhona and all chocolate lovers imagine the best to share their knowledge. They promote gastronomy and live the chocolate experience every day.

Thanks to its continuous service and commitment, Valrhona received the very demanding B Corparation® certification in 2020, which rewards the most committed companies in the world in terms of performance, transparency and social and environmental responsibility. This award reinforces the "Live Long" strategy for sustainable development, which is characterized by the desire to help shape a model that has a positive impact on producers, employees, artisans of good taste and chocolate lovers.

Some of the concrete measures that have allowed Valrhona to make a difference in obtaining the B Corporation® certification

Action Valrhona Social Impact

The positive social impact on cocoa producers and the quality of workers' working lives.

Traceability of cocoa beans

100% traceability of cocoa beans from 18,208 manufacturers.

Ensure income for cocoa producers

Premiums to ensure a fair income for cocoa farmers despite price fluctuations in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana.

reduction in CO2 emissions

The reduction of CO2 emissions by 57% related to the activity of the chocolate factory in Tain l'Hermitage

representation of women and men

Joint representation of women and men, including a woman in management.

improve access to education

Program to Improve Access to Education for Employee Children in Ghana

PDF Download Icon Ghana cacao partners

In the future, Valrhona intends to further reduce its environmental impact and better support its customers in more responsible practices.

Valrhona Cacao Tree

In particular, the chocolate factory plans to become climate-neutral by 2020 as well as its entire value chain from the plantation to the plate by 2025.

Several initiatives are underway, with a focus on eco-design and the recyclability of packaging, and an even greater reduction in greenhouse gases, energy consumption, waste and water consumption.